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Taken on a trip in 2016 with World Vision to Sierra Leone.__Releases obtained__See all the



  • The ability of the applicant to demonstrate that they provide public benefit

  • The impact the grant will make

  • The number of people the grant will benefit and for how long

  • How any shortfall in funding for the project will be raised

  • The time scale for the project


  • Please DO NOT apply unless you are registered with the Charities Commissions of England & Wales or Northern Ireland or the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR)

  • No research – academic or medical

  • No holidays or outings

  • No arts or entertainment activities

  • No animal welfare

  • No local appeals outside the North-East of England

  • No general appeals


  • Relieving poverty and disability

  • Providing access to shelter, education, healthcare and water

All grants are made at the discretion of the trustees without discrimination on any grounds

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